Alternatives for “good”

  1satisfying 满意的,值得的

  “I have a rewarding job.”

  “My career has been satisfying for several reasons.”

  “My time in Sydney has been rewarding.”

  下面让咱们来看看在实战中 good 的替换词是怎么用的:

  考官: Do you prefer to work for a large or small company?

  考生:“It is for this reason that I feel working for a large company is more satisfying than working for a small company.”

  中国学生往往说的是:......that's why working for a large company is better than a small company.

  好吧,也许说的太高大上了,很多同学真的是这么说的:Ithink working for a large company is good. 连比较级都没有用上。

  2merit 优点,荣誉

  这个单词中国学生在出国前其实并不常见,但是出国以后你会发现,在学霸的证书上经常会出现这个次,表示优点和荣誉的意思。 在硕士毕业证上如果写着 master with merit 就表示这个人拿到的是优等硕士生。

  同时,这个词也可以作为 good 的替换词来使用,瞬间就觉得高大上了呢。

  写作时也可使用:Some people believe that diet and exercise in a population are largely the responsibility of the government. Others feel people should…

  考生:“Thus, the argument that governments should be responsible for the diets and exercise levels of citizens holds merit.”

  3optimal 最优的,最大化的

  这个词是个很好用的替换词,可以替换各种good的最高级形式“best” 同时,在用这个词的时候你会觉得口语地道了很多。

  考官: At what time of the day are you most productive?

  考生:“My optimal work time is in the morning. It is when my mind is clearest and I can…”

  写作时也可使用: Pie charts comparing the diets of older men in varying states of health.

  “The second pie chart illustrates optimal weightings of fat, carbohydrates and protein for men aged 50 and older.”


  Alternatives for “faster/slower”

  4accelerate 加速,促进

  这个单词说出来就很酷炫对不?这是个动词,相比于 be动词+faster/slower 这种形式 就会让考官觉得你的词汇量很大~


  “The clubs I joined at university accelerated my studies.”

  “Careers in high tech are typically accelerated in my hometown as many young people engage internships at the nearby tech park.”


  例如小作文图表题: “Growth of laptop sales accelerated between 2002 and 2004.”

  大作文也可能会用得到:Young people learn more and at an accelerated speed through the use of technology.

  5retard 减速,阻碍

  有同学又要问了,faster 对应加速,

  那么 slower呢?减速怎么说?继续往下看。

  举个例子:“For example, libraries that do not electronically index their resources retard the rate at which a student can access information.”


  Alternatives for important/unimportant

  不论是在写作还是口语当中,important/unimportant 都是会大量出现的词汇,但是又为了要避免重复使用统一的单词,那么问题来了,应该用什么次替换?

  6key 关键


  考生:“The wedding planner we hired was a key individual for three reasons. Firstly, he was able to…”


  考官:How do you define a “hero”?

  考生:“I think integrity, kindness and honesty are key. To me, a hero is someone that does the right thing even when no one is looking.”

  写作中同样会用到 “A key feature of the diagram is the pause that occurs between the first and second halves of the paper making process.”

  7chiefly 主要; 首先

  当你们要表达 “主要,基本”这个意思的时候你们脱口而出的是哪一个单词呢?basically? mainly? 还是firstly? 98%的同学基本上就只会用这两个单词吧,如果是写作的话 basically 还会出现拼写错误。。。

  考官: (In response to a Part 2 monologue about an important person in your country.) What do you think ___ will be most remembered for?

  考生: “I think ___ will be chiefly remembered for his contributions to science…”

  写作中也同样可以用到:“For example, it has long been established that carbon dioxide emissions are chiefly responsible for global warming.”

  8trivial 琐碎的,无价值的; 平常的

  最后,表否定的 unimportant 替换词来啦! 当大部分考生还在用 “not important”或者 normal做否定表达的时候,你用一个trivial, 是不是就瞬间比别人高了不止一个档次了呢?

  考官: How central was the Internet to your studies at university?

  考生:“To be honest, the role it played was quite trivial. I found the vast amount of my studying was done using the traditional resources found at the university library.”

  写作中如果遇到这样的问题: A pie chart comparing the impact various human activities have on the death rates of forest fauna.

  你可以这样写:“Although pesticides account for 43% of all fauna death rates, mortalities due to human activities at campsites reveal the comparatively trivial figure of 0.01%.”